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If you have a video project that you want  to create and a story that you want to tell, contact us !

Are you looking  for a creative film production company? 

Or for an independent Filmmaker?

I work with video producers in Switzerland, Peru and Latin America. 

I have a special motivation to work on trade and development projects to support SMEs  from developing countries,  and I have a good understanding on Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.


1. Full-Service Photo and Video Production in Geneva or  anywhere in the World.

From small scale, single location to full-service, global productions, professional photos and video shoots worldwide.  

2. Scripts. 

3. Shooting

4. Video Clips : 1-2 minutes videos with subtitles and music for entrepreneurs wishing to promote their products through different e-commerce channels

5. Interviews & Storytelling

6. Success Stories with Micro entrepreneurs

7. Distance learning Courses in Studio

8. Social Media Videos

9. Editing 

10. Graphic Design (Lookbooks with  professional photos for entrepreneurs , Publications, Brochures,  Flyers, Posters)  - In Design. 

I'm available for local projects as well as potential employment opportunities. Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi.

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